Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain tickets for the Winter Show?

A: All tickets are only available online at Please book your tickets online.

Q: How much are the tickets?

A: They are free

Q: How many tickets can I book?

A: You can book five tickets with one booking.

Q: I am having difficulty booking my tickets online, what shall I do?

A: Please log-on to our website again and have another go. If you still have difficulty booking tickets please call Global Co-operation House on 020 8727 3350 and they will transfer your request and someone will contact you.

Q: When do I have to register by?

A: All bookings are on a first come first serve basis. Please register online as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Q: Do I have to print the E-tickets and bring with me?

A: Please bring your E-Ticket with you printed OR on a mobile device on the day of the performance.

Q: What time do I need to arrive to secure my seats?

A: There are no numbered seating and so you cannot reserve seats in advance. The E-ticket is for entry purposes and does not guarantee a seat. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before start time of the play to ensure you have a seat.

Q: Can I bring young children?

A: The recommended age group is 6 years and above. We do not provide any crèche facilities. All children need to be with their parents at all times.

Q: Will there be a place to store pushchairs?

A: We will have an allocated space for folded pushchairs.

Q: Can I bring snacks for the children. A: There is no food or drinks allowed in the Auditorium. We wish to keep the Auditorium clean for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment of the show.

Q: Will there be cloakroom facilities?

A: There will not be any cloakroom facilities. Please keep all your belongings with you at all times.

Q: Is there facilities for wheelchairs or those needing lifts?

A: There is a lift facility available and we do have allocated spaces for wheelchairs in the back rows of the Auditorium. It is most helpful if we know in advance if one of your party is in a wheelchair. Please email us at Unfortunately we cannot provide special parking for disabled people.

Q: Are there parking facilities at Global Co-operation House. A: All Performances are either in the evening or over the weekend and there is free parking in the area around Global Co-operation House after 6.30pm on weekdays. If you come earlier than 6.30pm, parking tickets are available from the machines. Alternatively please see our how to find us section for details of public transport links.

Q: Is the Brahma Kumaris a religion?

A: It is a spiritual university and the study taught is the practise of Raja Yoga, which is a meditation practice relevant to people of all faiths, or none.

Q: Why is it free?

A: This project is created and produced by students of Raj Yoga who are all volunteers and it is offered free as a service to the local community. The Brahma Kumaris do not charge for any of its activities.