Ella’s mother’s dying wish was for her to be courageous and kind. Yet to live with such a cruel stepmother and her spoilt and jealous daughters, kindness seemed impossible. When Ella bumps into an unconfident prince she is presented with a secret to kindness that could give her the happy ever after she always wanted

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Saturday 8th Dec 2018 - 3.00pm

Saturday 8th Dec 2018 - 6.00pm

Sunday 9th Dec 2018 - 3.00pm

Sunday 9th Dec 2018 - 6.00pm

Wednesday 12th Dec 2018 - 7.30pm

How to find us

Global Co-operation House
65-67 Pound Lane
Willesden Green
London NW10 2HH

T: (020)8727 3350
E: info@wintershow.org

- Dollis Hill (Jubilee Line) - Chapter Road exit
- Willesden Green (Jubilee Line)

- 6, 206 and 226 to Pound Lane
- 52, 98, 260, 266, 297, 302 and 460 to Willesden Garage


Why do we create a Winter Show?

The winter show has been an integral part of Global Co-operation House pretty much since it was built in the early 1990’s.

We have found that using the art of theatre to share some of the aspects we learn through spiritual practice and meditation has been an enhancing experience for our community. It has become an annual event that we all look forward to. We cannot begin to describe the feeling of having our auditorium full of families enjoying the show and feeding back to us the positive messages that they have taken to help them in their lives. We also have special performances for local school children; can you imagine 400 children sitting laughing all together!

We put on this play just so that we can share the joy we have received and encourage people to take the feeling of happiness and love they receive and share it as they go out into the world.

All our events are free of charge and are funded by voluntary donation so if you wish to donate anything towards this project you are most welcome to and will be able to do that when you come and see our show.

About the Brahma Kumaris

If you have ever wanted to feel more cheerful, develop stress-reducing techniques, get to know your inner world of thoughts better or just feel a little more peaceful…the solution may be closer than you think.

Meditation is becoming more popular in our ever increasing unpredictable world. The Brahma Kumaris teaches Raja Yoga meditation, a simple form of meditation that helps you naturally bring more good feelings into your life and live with meaning and purpose.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to deepen their understanding of universal spiritual principles and learn a range of spiritual skills through a variety of educational programmes.

Across the UK the Brahma Kumaris work with local organisations and community groups in a variety of areas, including: inter-religious dialogue; youth programmes; prison outreach; social work, women and men’s groups.

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